The Shout About Bladder Cancer campaign launch

Posted: February 19, 2015

Today thousands of people affected by bladder cancer are putting their weight behind a campaign that aims not only to raise awareness but also to save lives.

The Shout Out About Bladder Cancer campaign has been launched by three charities who have come together to help bring a much needed spotlight to this very common, but hardly talked about cancer.

The lead people from these three charities have explained why they wanted to launch this campaign.

Hugh Mostafid, Chair of Action on Bladder Cancer and Consultant Urologist is backing the campaign. “I see every day the huge difference it can make to diagnose bladder cancer early, when its curable. Anything that raises public awareness of bladder cancer and therefore makes people seek help earlier is to be welcomed and if we raise money to support research into better treatment at the same time then all the better.”

Andrew Winterbottom, founder of Fight Bladder Cancer and a bladder cancer patient himself, says, “People affected by this cancer feel that they are being ignored. The chances of surviving this cancer are getting worse and there have not been any new treatments for over 30 years. Despite being such a common cancer, so few people have ever heard of it, let alone know the causes or symptoms. This needs to change which is why one main aim of the campaign is to get as many people as possible to start talking about bladder cancer.”

Louise de Winter, Chief Executive of The Urology Foundation explained, “At TUF we became very aware that bladder cancer is the Cinderella disease which people shy away from talking about. We were receiving fewer applications for research into bladder cancer and wanted to make a push to encourage people to do more research into this area. By working together with the other charities we believe we can create more awareness of the disease and hopefully provide more funding for research. Progress is being made but we need it to be made faster.” 

Please take a browse through our website and help support our cause. Thank you. 

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